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All Bullroy puppies are handled from birth by children


 Please read our terms before making an inquiry


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Please read our terms before making an inquiry

 We at Bullroy hope that your new puppy brings you years of companionship and love. Because we believe that all our puppies are special and deserving of the very best in life we will only sell to homes that will agree to the following terms and conditions:

 Terms & Conditions


 This is a contract you will be asked to sign prior to the release of any Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier (Miniatures)




Any Bull Terrier/Bull Terrier Miniature purchased/acquired from Bullroy cannot be re-sold or re-homed. The dog must be returned to the Bullroy to be rehomed, there are no exceptions. If you cannot abide by these conditions, please do not make any inquiries. All our dogs will only go to a FOREVER home.

You can not surrender any Bullroy bred Bull Terriers/Bull Terrier Miniatures to any rescue or rehoming groups. This is a condition of sale.....




The dog must receive all required vaccinations, periodic worming, constant flea, and tick treatment, and any other maintenance treatment, that being whatever your veterinarian advises.

The dog must receive any necessary veterinary treatment, whether for accident or illness, routine or emergency.  Be safe, not sorry.




You must advise us if any condition arises that affects the dog's health ASAP. This is very important, as we are responsible breeders that we must take into consideration any hereditary problems or issues that may occur.  We make NO guarantee that your dog will not develop any Hereditary issues. Bullroy has the right to get a second opinion.




You will agree to enroll your puppy in a puppy pre-school program (a lot of vet practices run these).  They encourage responsible pet ownership and help to instill correct behavioral patterns early on.   We strongly encourage you to undertake a course in basic obedience as well.  If you do not know of an obedience club close to you, we can make inquiries on your behalf.  REMEMBER, a Bull Terrier is an intelligent animal, if not continually challenged, it will become bored and destructive.




All Bullroy puppies are sold as a companion and are placed on the Limited Register.  This means that the puppy is still regarded and registered as "purebred" but cannot be used in a registered breeding program and cannot be shown.  Therefore, you will agree to have it spayed or neutered before 12 months of age.  You will also agree not to use your Bullroy dog/bitch in any breeding program.

Please advise us when the dog has been desexed.   REMEMBER, we promote responsible dog ownership.  





It is also understood that the breeder may examine and make inquiries about the said puppy at any time. If not satisfied with the condition of the puppy or the conditions in which it is kept, said puppy can or may be removed immediately. NO REFUND OR REPLACEMENT OF PUPPY WILL BE GIVEN.  Any veterinary service needed due to negligence or lack of care will be the buyer’s responsibility and payable to the breeder.


All buyers must agree to these terms and conditions prior to the puppy's release and prior to the release of the puppy's registration papers.




Any puppy bred by us will have the prefix Bullroy.  The Bullroy prefix is registered and recognized by the Australian National Kennel Council.


If at any time, the buyer is unable or unwilling to care for this puppy, then the buyer agrees to contact and return said puppy to the breeder, Neither, REFUND, NOR REPLACEMENT OF PUPPY WILL BE GIVEN.

Above all else, please enjoy your new companion.  May he/she bring you years
of happiness!




All dogs living at Bullroy receive the utmost care and devotion at all times.




All puppies born here at Bullroy will spend at least the first four weeks of their life inside with us receiving extensive socialization and health care.  After the age of four weeks, they will gradually spend more time outside for socialization with the other dogs.




The puppies will receive all vaccinations, worming treatments, and veterinary attention up until the day they leave our care.




All puppies have a thorough vet check at the age of approx six weeks.




All puppies shall have extensive socialization with other animals, humans, etc before leaving.




We promise to maintain an interest in the well-being of the dog once it leaves our care.  Please remember we would love the occasional photo of your puppy.




The puppy will remain in our care until it has reached the age of at least 8 weeks.  Only then will we release a puppy into the care of its new owners.  Under no circumstances will we release a puppy earlier than this




We will not make a decision about ownership of any of the litter until they reach the age of 6 to 8 weeks.  This is the earliest that we can assess puppies.  REMEMBER, even if your puppy is not considered the best in the litter it does not mean that it isn’t a well-bred puppy.  They all share the same genes and are all purebred puppies. 

Before the age of 6 to 8 weeks, we can only advise on the availability of a particular sex.




The cost of the puppy is available upon application.   The cost includes all veterinary care and feeding etc whilst in our care.  This also includes microchip and registration of the puppy with Dogs Victoria.




When the puppy is released into your care, we will provide you with an information pack advising you of diet and as much information on the care of your puppy as we can provide.

If you have any questions regarding these terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.  


 All Bullroy dogs that are not retained by Bullroy are placed on the Limited Register, with no exceptions. 

Limited register means that the dog can not be shown, bred with, or exported and is purely a pet and must be desexed.

Bullroy will not upgrade pedigree papers from the limited register to the main register at any time.

Please consider this before making any inquiry or purchasing a Bull Terrier /Bull Terrier Miniature from Bullroy Kennels.

The "Certified Limited Pedigree" papers are a certificate to verify that the dog is purebred and states the dog’s ancestry.


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